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The Moravian Christmas Putz by Vangie Roby Sweitzer, edited &

<I>The Moravian Christmas Putz</I> by Vangie Roby Sweitzer, edited &

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The word "putz", derived from the German "putzen", commonly means "to decorate". Over the centuries, members of the Moravian Church have adopted the custom of telling the story of the birth of Christ through an elaborate, yet simple, Christmas decoration called a putz. Experience with us the origin of the putz in the Middle Ages, its arrival in Bethlehem with the founders, and its enduring place in the home. Follow this special Moravian tradition through the past 75 years, as the city's first Community Putz has been unveiled to hundreds of thousands of visitors from virtually every U.S. state and dozens of foreign countries. Through miniature figures, lights, and narration, the age-old Nativity story touches young and old still.
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