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Philly Firsts PBS Documentary on DVD

<i>Philly Firsts</i> PBS Documentary on DVD



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Ben Franklin might be considered the father of Firsts in Philadelphia and America. When you borrow a book at the Free Library, remember the founder of the first lending library in America in 1731. When a fire alarm sounds, think of the Union Volunteer Fire Company, first of its kind and founded by Franklin in 1736. When you face a medical emergency, again think of Franklin, one of the co-founders of the country's first hospital in 1751.

This documentary explores dozens of firsts including the first African-American Methodist Church, the first art museum, the first international flower show, zoo, the first modern world's fair, the first computer, all the way to the first cheese steak in the 1930s. Historians, re-enactors, experts and average citizens are interviewed to pain the picture of what Philly's firsts mean to our country. This one-hour program weaves together history and fun to create a sense of pride in the great city of Philadephia.

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