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PBS Communities: Easton, Pennsylvania DVD

<i>PBS Communities: Easton, Pennsylvania</i> DVD



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Do you remember the Good Ole' Days in Easton? Remember taking the trolley downtown? Did you check out produce at the nation's oldest farmers' market? Or remember when you didn't need a number at the local butcher? Did you fight the crowds at Laubach's for the latest fashions? It didn't matter where your family came from; immigrants were planting roots in Easton - in the West Ward, Southside, College Hill and downtown. Folks started their own businesses, like Leo Emili's barbershop on Fourth Street. Every afternoon, kids poured out of school and headed to whatever playground they could find - a street corner or an empty lot would do.

Friends still gather at coffee houses and diners to reminisce. The bonds of friendship and that sense of community echoes back through two and a half centuries of American history. In the nineteenth century, Easton saw a business boom, thanks to the Lehigh, Delaware and Morris canals, which enabled the easy shipment of goods to market. In the 1920's unfettered exuberance led to a reputation for betting, booze and bordellos. Legitimate business also soared in the early twenties, like Crayola and Dixie Cup. Over the past few decades, Easton fell into decline, but now change permeates the air. The city has become a magnet for artists and entrepreneurs. Join us as we explore Easton's history, people, culture and promise.

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