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Lehigh-Lafayette Legacy, The, Narrated by Harry Kalas

<i>Lehigh-Lafayette Legacy, The</i>, Narrated by Harry Kalas



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Nestled in the heart of the Lehigh Valley sit a number of wonderful colleges, each with its own strengths. Only two though, Easton's Lafayette College and Bethlehem's Lehigh University, hold the distinction of being the nation's most-played college football rivalry.

The Lehigh-Lafayette Legacy highlights some of the great games, the fog contest of 1955, the heartbreaking tie in the 100th match-up in 1964, and the '81 contest, watched by more than 19,000 fans, the most ever to witness a game at Taylor Stadium. Also included are some of the memorable finishes in more recent years, like the double overtime victory by Lehigh in 1995.

Along with the games, also chronicled are the brilliant bonfires, pajama parades, college capers, and marching band bashes. This DVD features fascinating and moving personal stories from the players, coaches and families who left their mark on this historic rivalry, including siblings who met head-to-head on the football field during the 2000 Lehigh-Lafayette contest. The Lehigh-Lafayette Legacy connects friends, families, and neighbors spanning generations, and reviews the rivalry that runs deep in the Lehigh Valley.

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