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Candles have always played an important role in Bethlehem holiday celebrations. At Christmas time, you will find most houses and businesses decorated with a simple white candle in each window. Our candles can also be used year 'round. We have an assortment of electric candles with tin bases, as well as beeswax candles of various sizes.

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The origin of the trimmed beeswax taper at the Christmas Eve Vigils dates back to the 1700's when Moravian children were given the candles to symbolize the light of Christ. Today, during the singing of Christmas carols, each worshipper is given a candle. When all have been served, the congregation stands and holds the candles aloft during the singing of a closing hymn. Our beeswax candles are the same as those used in Moravian celebrations. They are available with and without the traditional red paper "frills".
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